Foreign Language Clubs

French Club:
Club Sponsor: 
M. Vargo

Every other Wednesday 

Our Mission:
-Studying Francophone countries beyond the classroom -Speaking French!-Learning about French food -Watching French films -Reading literature by French authors, translated texts in English so all may participate to see the influence of French on the world, in French if all participants are in class -Trip to a French restaurant (end of the year) 
-Prepare for Foreign Language Fair -Create and perform skits -Offer peer tutoring for other French students 
-Activities during National French Week -Fundraiser? French valentines 
German Club:
Club Sponsors:
K.  Walters

As needed

Our Mission:
If you are enrolled in German, participate in Houston fest in February. It's our regional competition with many categories to choose from--everything from poetry to puppet show to club album to culture test. If you qualify, you advance to State at UT-Austin. Participation at State earns you a letter jacket. Later in the Spring, we participate in Aldine Language Fair. So help us bring home more trophies! Not enrolled? Then help us with Fall Fest in October--a safe trick-or-treat experience for the local elementary students. You can also help with the annual TAFE Christmas tree decorating contest in December. Help with our fundraiser, too. The money goes for expenses at State, as well as other club activities and the occasional new German movie.
Japanese Club:
Club Sponsor: 
C. Barber

Selected Tuesdays (to be announced)

Our Mission: 
The MacArthur Japanese Club is open to any student interested in learning about Japanese language and culture. Students learn a variety of things about Japan, including useful phrases and expressions, the writing system, and cultural components such as holidays and customs. We also watch a few films that illustrate the topics covered in club meetings. 
J-Club is open to all interested students. There are no dues, and we do not fundraise. 

Students must adhere to district academic, attendance, and behavioral requirements in order to try out and participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities 
Hispanic Heritage Club:
Club Sponsor: 
D. Lehman

Every other Wednesday Monday after school in room 405.

Our Mission: 
These clubs are to learn how to play the accordion while having peer-to peer lessons on playing the accordion. We accommodate to most any type of accordion and we also accommodate to any style of music, practice to play at school events like the Cinco de Mayo program and meet other musicians at the school and around the community. 
The Hispanic heritage club is an organization that celebrates and promotes awareness about the Hispanic culture not only in the school but also in the community. HHC will be responsible for and organize various events throughout the school year that highlight the diversity of the Hispanic culture; for example, Dia de los muertos and cinco de mayo.