Crime Fighters Club


D. Harrell

Meetings are Wednesdays 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m. Rm. 212

To develop leadership skills and qualities that extends beyond the classroom. 
Members of the Crime Fighters Club also participate and obtain certificate in Cert; which allows them to participate in emergency situation because they have been trained and certified. The acronym means Certified Emergency Response Team. 

The Crime Fighters members host and present an annual murder mystery, which enables members to apply their criminal justice skills. We always strive to pull off an excellent play and are currently working on our third annual murder mystery dinner and play. 

As a Crime Fighter officer or member students are required to complete community service hours. In the past students have visited Candy Land Daycare and read to the children after school. 
Crime Fighters also participate in the Boycotts Law Enforcement Explorers Post and the October fall fest.