Career and Technology Department

Arkadie, Edward
Welding/Adv. Welding
Burnett, Jacorey Agriculture
Chatham, Michelle
Child Development
Cheatham, Callie Business Law/Management   
Cook, Lawrence  Computer Maint, Computer Tech, Telecom & Network     
Cooper, Gary       
Davila, Jesse       
Dean, Andre'      
Elmhorst, Peter  Construction Tech     
Forshee, Jennifer  Business Management 
Franklin-Sorrels, Dierdra Human Growth and Development
Harris, Jennifer
Fashion Design/Advanced Fashion Design
Adv / Interior Design
Hawkins, Darlene
Henny, Bianca Anat. & Physiology, Medical Micro
Higgins, Wanda

Bus Mngt and Adv. Career  Prep 

Department Chair

Higgins, Halston

Animation,Business Law
Horton, Sundeli Business Law, Global Business
Howard, Marchella  food catering   
London, Dominickia

McDaniel, Danielle     
Myers, David  ROTC   
Newton, Carla
Business Law, Global Business
Overstreet, Sabrina     
Pitchford, Courtney  Human Growth & Development   
Qualls, Lorin    
Reese, Chad     
Struckmeyer, Douglas  Auto Tech, Energy Power & Transportation, HST EMT   
Tally, Clarence
Architectural Design, Advanced Architectural Design
Theunissen, Nicole     
Thomas, Mariel Accounting, Digital Imaging Management, Web Tech.   
Turner, Darneheia     
Washington, Roveetrice
Wysingle, Dana Mechanical Eng Design, Robotics and automation